Latam news and more for HR and CR – BOTH BRANDS UP THEIR GAME

It’s all happening at a ferocious speed here at Ellmount!

Peru & Chile opportunities

We have now got Latam Banking sorted – AstroPay, Spanish Language Support and Spanish Language site. This puts us in an excellent place to start looking at expanding into these Geos so please, if you have any ideas on deals that can be done, now is your time to reach out to me about these, or any other business you may feel you’d like to chat about going into February.

HighRoller New Terms and Licence Move

As recently announced, we have moved away from the GIG licence and onto our own. The opportunities this will bring are still significant and will be in effect from 1st February. As part of this process, we are required to update our terms and conditions, and would respectfully ask that you check the updated affiliate T&C in February and amend your sites as necessary where needed. All references to GiG should be removed and replaced with Ellmount/Highroller.

Change of Fees

Once again this has been previously covered, and although a fee increase is on the horizon, we would like to remind you in the second month of this grace period, that we will be waiving any increases during the whole of Q1. We feel this is fair to you as a valued partner and also transparent from our side. This is a three month grace period, and we will not be applying any changes until 1st April  2021.

Things to come

Faster payments. Keep your eye on your inbox for some details coming your way on how you very easily bring your payments forward by up to 10 days (This super tip will only take a couple of minutes of your time.)

Casino Room Exclusive  Branded Table. Just so your players can be sure they’re on their favourite site, We have a branded table going live later this month. What type of table? That would be telling, let’s just say your players could be landing some nice extras when playing on it. Keep your eyes peeled…

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