Promote our outstanding brand and negative balances will NOT be carried over month to month. Your players winning won’t mean you have to lose!

Typically the commission structure you will earn depends on how much net revenue your players generate and this earnings structure looks like the table below:

Total Revenue$0-$10,000$10,001-$25,000$25,001-$50,000$50,001+

How it works:

Net Revenue is generated from Gross Revenue – Network Fee – Bonuses – Actual transactions costs – Jackpot contribution (when applicable) – tax’s and Chargebacks.

We say ‘typically’ because you are an individual, and may want a custom CPA or Hybrid Media deal, tailored to suit you and only you. With Ellmount this isn’t a problem. If you have proven traffic anything is possible, speak to our dedicated team of experts and dial in your own deal.


Getting paid your commissions is as vital to us as it is to you, you’ve done the work so you want paying!

You’ll receive payment before the 20th of the following month via Bank Wire, Neteller or Skrill. (MoneyBookers.)

The minimum payout amount is €100, in the unfortunate case you earn less, it will be rolled over until you exceed €100.

If you have any questions or need any help, do not hesitate to Contact Us.