KYC – An important reminder

Just a short reminder about KYC for you.
Getting detailed information about our customers will protect both of us in our business transactions and ongoing relationship. KYC serves an important purpose for providing superior service, preventing liability, and avoiding association with money laundering, and other illegitimate money frauds, so protecting our operating licence whilst displaying due diligence to present and prospective customers.

With the above in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to politely ask you to review your KYC documents and position within Cellxpert, with particular attention being paid to the following areas:

  • Affiliate KYC Documents – Under the accounts details section there is a section marked ‘Documents’ this is for you to load these documents so we have them on record. It is vital this is done or we may need to suspend payments until it is.
  • Not all 4 Documents are required – If you are a PVT Person we require Proof of Identity and  Proof of Address.
  • If it’s a company we require  Proof of Identity,  Proof of Address &  Certificate of Incorporation – Proof of Company
  • PEP people are required to give us require Proof of Identity and Proof of Address As well as any other information relating to PEP Information
  • Affiliatesmust NOT send these documents to me directly for GDPR reasons, but rather upload this themselves.

NOTE: If you fail to provide KYC Information By the 30th of July 2020 your payments will be withheld until you do. 

Finally, Please remember to update with the new Swedish regulations/Bonuses available, this is important for us to keep in line with the ever-changing regulations.

  • The New SE Welcome Offer is Now 50% up to €10  or 50% up to 100KR  No Free Spins and Must Be Updated 
  • Due to new regulations in Sweden, SEK 5 000 is now the maximum weekly deposit amount allowed.
  • It is now mandatory for players to set limits on playing time.
  • All Bonuses offered are now set at a maximum amount of SEK 100

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
contact Miles:

Head of Affiliates: Mile Saacks

via email –