HighRoller New Terms , Licence Move & Change of Fees for Casino Room

HighRoller New Terms and Licence

Move As you may be aware, we recently spent a lot of time updating HighRoller Casino and rebranding it as THE no-nonsense place to go when looking for a no BS Casino.

As part of this project, we have also put in an application to move the brand away from the GIG licence and onto our own.

The opportunities this will bring are significant, starting with more flexibility as to what we can do with the brand, and, more importantly, being able to provide our affiliates with the opportunity to earn more.

As part of this process, we will be required to update our terms and conditions.

The change is still a work in progress and should be finalised at the end of  January or beginning of February, perfect for a new start to a new year.

With this in mind, please remember to check the updated affiliate  T&C in February and amend your sites as necessary if needed.


 Change of Fees

As moving forward the two brands will be under the same umbrella, we are also adjusting the admin fees accordingly, for unity and easier financial reconciliation.

We are still being considerate towards our partners and  keeping the fees under the industry norm.

We will be waiving any increases during Q1, as we feel this is fair to you as a valued partner and also transparent from our side.

We are giving affiliates a three month grace period and the change will only be implemented as of 1 April  2021.

At the mentioned date,  we will be updating our affiliate admin fee % for Casino Room, to be in line with the current one set for HighRoller, at 17.5%.

The fee increase is a necessary evil in order for us to keep creating better promotions and better marketing campaigns, with an end goal of keeping your players playing with us and earning you more revenue.

As always, if you have any questions or want to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact Miles:

Miles Saacks – Head of Affiliates

Email: miles@ellmount.se

Skype: newmilessax