A Black Friday Special for SE Players Only!

This very special Black Friday we are focussing on your Swedish players with “Swedish Roulette,” designed by, and for, Swedish players! The game looks just like other standard variations of live roulette, with a Swedish-speaking dealer, enabling your players to play this popular casino game using their native language.

The studio is designed to welcome Swedish players, with subtle decor to the right of the dealer mimicking a window edged in golden yellow, just like the Swedish flag. Overall, the entire studio looks spacious, satisfyingly Swedish, and well worth a visit on Black Friday!

If you’re looking to raise your revenue this super Swedish specific variant could be just the thing! Remember, this game will only be available in Sweden, so take the headstart and get this insider info to your players before anybody else gets the chance!

As always, if you have any questions or want to find out more, please do not hesitate to


Svetlana  – Head of Affiliates

svetlana@ellmount.se  / Skype – live:.cid.3ea10d1e5af7b165

Shannon – Junior Affiliate Manager

shannon@ellmount.se / Skype – live:.cid.68d955d81a1fed9