The New No-nonsense Look From Highroller is Live Now Get Promoting Today!

Thank you! All the hard work has paid off and the new Highroller is up, running, and ready to take your business to the next level.

With Mobile taking a huge percentage of business nowadays, Highroller has been re-invented with that in mind and has been using the last few months to reinvent itself. The mobile site is now super slick, gone are the all the bells and whistles, in comes a new streamlined look focussing on ease of navigation. Players want to play, they don’t want to spend time endlessly clicking away to find their balance/rewards/the best promo do they. And that’s how it is with the new Highroller, we simply answered two questions, “what do players want to know?” and “what  do players want to play?” 

So now it’s all on one simple, uncluttered page and easily readable on any mobile device.. Your players will never be more than one click away from all the stuff they need to make their Highroller experience warrant it’s rather bold name. Available balance, both cash and bonus money, are available at a glance, rewards, promo’s and all the good stuff are just one click away, while the games to the right start with the players most recents to get the ball rolling a little quicker. 

The revamp has focussed on optimising the customer journey with minimum click configuration, and it has worked, the answers to the two questions were really simple, “here’s all you need to know,” and “here are all the games you’ll ever need”  

So, send your players to Highroller, let them sample the simplicity and focus more on their game while you sit back and reap the benefits of Cellxpert and a sleek new look Casino.

Log into your account today and get all new creatives.

Good luck in promoting!

Warm Regards,

 Mile Saacks – Head of Affiliates

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Skype – newmilessax