You’ll be pleased to hear that during August you can earn more than just your commission, €500 more in fact! And all you have to do, is do what you do best, keep sending us quality traffic as always and the first affiliate to hit the magic number of 30 FTD’s (first-time depositors) will receive an extra €500 on top of what those new players earn you.

This creative way of us showing our appreciation for all the hard work you do will start on 1st August and run until 31st August with the results and payment being made no later than 20th September, good luck!

But wait, there’s more! 

With the above, there will only be 1 winner, and it’s only happening through August, so we have also added an ongoing refer a friend scheme. And it’s just as simple with the added bonus of unlimited earning potential.

Simply refer a friend or affiliate company to us and we’ll pay you €100 for every successful referral that signs up and delivers 5 new first time depositing customers in a month. Here’s how it works:

  • Speak to your friends in the Industry
  • Refer them to us
  • Send us an email with their  email and contact information
  • The affiliate team will then reach out to them
  • Once the affiliate has signed up we will confirm that to you
  • Once the affiliate has delivered 5 FTD we will automatically add €100 to your account and let you know.
  • Enjoy your extra earnings, simple as that!


And don’t forget, for all the latest news from Ellmount Gaming affiliates, check out our regularly updated news page.

Happy promoting!

Mile Saacks – Head of Affiliates

email –

Skype – newmilessax