31 days of outrageous offers! – There’ll be no ‘bah humbug’ with 31 different offers!

Now that 2020 is nearly over and thoughts are turning to the new year,  no doubt you’re being bombarded with ‘our Xmas campaign will be the best ever’ emails. Yeah, same old, same old. It’s not that way in Casino Room. We’re counting down to 2021 with a new offer/reward every day throughout December, and there’s not one Santa to be seen anywhere. 

Your players will be able to find a different offer every day, just by logging in they’ll be able to take advantage of Free Spins, Cashback offers, Reload offers, Tournaments and more. That’s every single day that a new offer will be revealed, just by your players logging in!

We like to think outside the box, and seeing as 2020 might not have been quite the year people were hoping for, we decided to give players hope instead of more stress. So send your players to the Casino Room Countdown, let them see the light at the end of 2020’s tunnel while improving your revenue in readiness for a fantastic new year!

Good luck in promoting!

Warm Regards,

 Mile Saacks – Head of Affiliates

email – miles@ellmount.se 

Skype – newmilessax